calathea rosy vs crimson

Dry, shriveled leaves usually indicate that the plants are not receiving enough humidity, or are receiving too much direct sun. (Clavija, Family: Primulaceae), Cleistocactus sp. Sequence archive. (Eucryphia, Leatherwood, Family: Cunoniaceae), Eugenia aggregata (Cherry of the Rio Grande, Cere Jodo Rio Grande, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia braziliensis, Eugenia dombeyi (Grumichama, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia confusa (Red Berry Stopper, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia foetida, Eugenia buxifolia (Spanish Stopper, Boxleaf Stopper , Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia luschnathiana, Phyllocalyx luschnathianus (Pitomba, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia neonitida (Pitangatuba, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia pyriformis (Uvaia, Uvalha, Uvaia-do-mato, Uvaieira, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia reinwardtiana (Beach Cherry, Cedar Bay Cherry, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia stipitata (Araza, Araca-boi, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia tinifolia (Bois de Clous, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia uniflora, Eugenia michelii (Surinam Cherry, Pitanga, Brazilian Cherry, Family: Myrtaceae), Eugenia victoriana (Sundrop, Guayabilla, Family: Myrtaceae), Euodia hortensis, Melicope hortensis (Evodia, Family: Rutaceae), Euonymus sp. reticulatum, Pseuderanthemum reticulatum (Yellow-Vein Eranthemum, Golden Pseuderanthemum, Family: Acanthaceae), Pseuderanthemum graciflorum, Pseuderanthemum graciliflorum, Pseuderanthemum andersonii (Blue Twilight, Blue Crossandra, Florida Twilight, Family: Acanthaceae), Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum (Shooting Star, Star Flower, Furple False Erantheum, Dazzler, Family: Acanthaceae), Pseuderanthemum seticalyx (Shooting star, Family: Acanthaceae), Pseuderanthemum sp. (Jungle Cucumber, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Gustavia augusta (Membrillo, Paco, Pacora, Choco, Sachamango, Heaven Lotus, Family: Lecythidaceae), Gustavia gracillima (Heaven Lotus, Narrow-Leaved Gustavia, Family: Lecythidaceae), Gustavia monocaulis (Gustavia, Family: Lecythidaceae), Gustavia superba (Membrillo, Heaven Lotus, Family: Lecythidaceae), Guzmania sp. (Lampranthus, Family: Aizoaceae), Lansium domesticum (Langsat, Longkong, Lanzones, Family: Meliaceae), Lantana camara (Bush Lantana, Family: Verbenaceae), Lantana montevidensis, Lantana sellowiana (Trailing lantana, Family: Verbenaceae), Lantana sp. (Cleistocactus, Family: Cactaceae), Cleistopholis glauca (Sobu, Family: Annonaceae), Clematis buchananiana (Fragrant Chinese Clematis, Lemon Clematis, Family: Ranunculaceae), Clematis montana (Himalayan Clematis, Anemone Clematis, Family: Ranunculaceae), Clematis sp. (Coral Pea, Family: Fabaceae), Hardwickia binata (Anjan, Family: Fabaceae), Harpagophytum leptocarpum, Uncarina leptocarpa (Uncarina, Family: Pedaliaceae), Harpephyllum caffrum (Wild Plum, Family: Anacardiaceae), Harpullia arborea, Harpullia pendula (Tulipwood, Tulip Lance Wood, Black Tulip (wood), Dolls Eyes, Mogum-mogum, Family: Sapindaceae), Harpullia ramiflora (Claudie Tulipwood, Tulipwood, Cape York Tulipwood, Family: Sapindaceae), Hatiora gaertneri, Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, Schlumbergera gaertneri (Easter Cactus , Family: Cactaceae), Hatiora salicornioides, Hatiora bambusoides, Hariota villigera, Hariota salicornioides, Rhipsalis salicornioides (Drunkards Dream, Spice Cactus, Cactus Pencil, Family: Cactaceae), Hebe sp. (Pitcher Plant, Family: Sarraceniaceae), Sarracenia wrigleyana (Scarlet belle pitcher plant, Family: Sarraceniaceae), Satureja montana (Winter Savory, Family: Lamiaceae), Satureja viminea (Costa Rican / Jamaican Mint Tree, Kama Sutra Menta, Family: Lamiaceae), Saurauia sp. Calathea Questions? (Cinnamon, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Cinnamomum verum (Cinnamon, Family: Lauraceae), Cissus amazonica (Amazonian Vine, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus cactiformis (Cucumber Cactus, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus discolor, Vitis discolor (Rex Begonia Vine, Painted Cissus , Family: Vitaceae), Cissus gongylodes (Treebine, Wing Stemmed Grape Ivy, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus quadrangularis, Vitis quadrangularis (Veld grape, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy, Oak Leaf Ivy, Water Vine, Kangaroo Grape, Kangaroo Treebine, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus rotundifolia (Arabian Wax Leaf, Peruvian Grape Ivy, Venezuelan Treebine, Succulent Grape, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus sicyoides, Cissus verticillata (Possum Grape Vine, Princess Vine, Season Vine, Monkey Liana, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus striata, Vitis striata, Parthenocissus striata, Sugar Vine (Miniature Grape Ivy, Ivy of Uruguay, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus tuberosa (Caudex-forming Cissus, Family: Vitaceae), Cissus tweediana (Cissus, Family: Vitaceae), Cistanche sp. (Giant Squill, Measles Leaf, Family: Asparagaceae), Drimys winteri (Winter's Bark, Canelo, Casca de anta, Family: Winteraceae), Drosera sp. (Ground Orchid, Family: Orchidaceae), Spermacoce alata, Spermacoce latifolia (Winged False Buttonweed, False Ginseng, Oval Leaf False Buttonweed, Family: Rubiaceae), Sphaeralcea ambigua (Desert Globemallow, Apricot Mallow, Family: Malvaceae), Sphyrospermum sp. While this may see like an easy question to answer, the truth is that telling if a plant is truly dead can be a difficult task sometimes. ), Family: Unknown), Unknown 47 (False Rose Tree, Family: Theaceae (? One of the easiest of all houseplants to grow, red aglaonema is also one of the most stylish. clusiaefolia (Red Edge Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia congesta (Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia dahlstedtii, Peperomia fosteri (Vining Pepper, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia fraseri (Flowering Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia griseoargentea (Radiator Plant, Platinum Pepper, Ivy-Leaf Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia incana (Felted Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia obtusifolia (Baby Rubber Plant, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia orba (Pixie Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia polybotrya (Coin Leaf Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia prostrata (Trailing Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia pseudovariegata (Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia puteolata (Parallel Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia scandens, Acrocarpidium scandens (False Philodendron, Radiator plant, Hanging Peperomia, Family: Piperaceae), Peperomia sp. (Pineapple, Pina, Family: Bromeliaceae), Anaxagorea javanica (Champun, Twin-seed, Bunga Pompun, Kekapur , Family: Annonaceae), Anchomanes difformis, Amorphophallus difformis (Anchomanes, Family: Araceae), Andira inermis, Geoffroea inermis (Cabbage Tree, Family: Fabaceae), Androcymbium palaestinum, Erythrostictis palaestina (Desert Bulb, Family: Colchicaceae), Andromeda polifolia (Bog Rosemary, Family: Ericaceae), Aneilema acuminatum (Native Wandering Jew, Family: Commelinaceae), Anemone sp. Golden Princess (Golden Princess, Family: Zingiberaceae), Zingiber spectabile (Beehive Ginger, Microfono, Family: Zingiberaceae), Zingiber zerumbet (Pine Cone Ginger, Shampoo Ginger, Family: Zingiberaceae), Zinnia sp. (Tetrastigma, Chestnut Vine, Family: Vitaceae), Tetrastigma voinierianum, Cissus tetrastigma (Lizard Plant, Chestnut Vine, Giant Grape Ivy, Wild Grape, Family: Vitaceae), Tetrazygia bicolor (West Indian Lilac, Florida clover ash, Family: Melastomataceae), Teucrium fruticans (Tree Germander, Family: Lamiaceae), Thalia dealbata (Powdery Thalia, Hardy Canna, Water Canna, Alligator Flag, Family: Marantaceae), Thalia geniculata (Fire Flag, Alligator Flag, Red Stemmed Thalia , Family: Marantaceae), Thaumatococcus daniellii (Miracle Fruit, Miracle Berry, African Serendipity Berry, Family: Marantaceae), Thenardia floribunda (Petatillo, Family: Apocynaceae), Theobroma bicolor (White cacao, Macambo, Motelo, Family: Malvaceae), Theobroma cacao (Chocolate Tree, Cacao, Cocoa Tree, Family: Malvaceae), Theobroma grandiflorum (Cupuasu, Copoasu, Cupuacu, Family: Malvaceae), Thespesia acutiloba, Thespesia populnea var. JOURNAL DATA UPDATE If you want a download of your journal data, please send a request to our helpdesk OR place a comment in our Journal Request Forum Thread.Journals are set to be removed by the end of the year so don't delay! (Yucca, Adams Needle, Family: Asparagaceae), Zamia fairchildiana (Fairchild's Zamia , Family: Zamiaceae), Zamia furfuracea (Cycad, Cardboard Palm, Family: Zamiaceae ), Zamia integrifolia, Zamia floridana (Coontie, Coontie Palm, Koonti, Family: Zamiaceae ), Zamia sp. (Serpent Gourd, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Trichoscypha sp. Nerve plant grows quickly in the right conditions, and if the stems grow leggy, pinching off the tips will keep the growth full and bushy. (Voodoo lily, Devils tongue, Snake Palm, Corpse flower, Elephant Foot Yam, Family: Araceae), Ampelopsis sp. (Pearlbush, Family: Rosaceae), Exostema nitens, Exostema coriaceum (Cafetillo, Shining Exostema, Family: Rubiaceae), Fagraea auriculata, Fagraea borneensis, Fagraea bracteosa, Fagraea epiphytica, Fagraea javanica (Pelir Musang, Family: Gentianaceae), Fagraea berteriana (Perfume Flower Tree, Pua Keni Keni, Family: Gentianaceae), Fagraea ceilanica (Perfume Flower Tree, Pua Keni Keni, Trai Tichlan, Lau binh, Gia, Family: Gentianaceae), Fagraea fragrans, Cyrtophyllum fragrans (Tembusu, Ironwood, Family: Gentianaceae), Fallopia baldschuanica, Polygonum baldschuanicum, Bilderdykia baldschuanica (Bukhara Fleeceflower, Russian Vine, Family: Polygonaceae), Faradaya splendida (Glory Vine, Family: Lamiaceae), Farfugium japonicum (Leopard Plant, Green Leopard Plant, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Fatsia japonica (Paperplant, Japanese Aralia, Family: Araliaceae), Faucaria sp. sturtii (Grey Cassia, Family: Fabaceae), Senna bicapsularis, Cassia bicapsularis, Cassia sennoides (Butterfly Cassia, Butterfly Bush, Winter Cassia, Family: Fabaceae), Senna corymbosa, Cassia falcata (Southern Cassia, Flowery Senna, Argentina Senna, Family: Fabaceae), Senna floribunda, Cassia floribunda (Golden Showy Cassia, Devils Finger, Family: Fabaceae), Senna italica (Senegal Senna, Italian Senna, Port Royal Senna, Family: Fabaceae), Senna multijuga, Cassia multijuga (False Sicklepod, Family: Fabaceae), Senna oliogophylla (Outback Cassia, Family: Fabaceae), Senna pendula (Christmas senna, Family: Fabaceae), Senna polyphylla, Cassia biflora, Cassia microphylla,Cassia polyphylla, Cassia tenuissima, Peiranisia polyphylla (Desert Cassia, Family: Fabaceae), Senna sp., Cassia sp. The Annual Photo Contest voting is over. (Roselings, Family: Commelinaceae), Callistemon comboynensis (Cliff Bottlebrush, Comboyne Bottlbrush, Family: Myrtaceae), Callistemon sp. (Pitaya, Pitahaya, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Pear, Family: Cactaceae), Hymenaea courbaril, Inga megacarpa, Hymenaea animifera (Stinking Toe, Jatoba, Coapinole, Courbaril, Family: Fabaceae), Hymenaea verrucosa (Copalier, Gum Copal, Family: Fabaceae), Hymenocallis sp. (Paraphalaenopsis, Rat-tailed Phalaenopsis, Family: Orchidaceae), Pararchidendron pruinosum (Snow Wood, Tulip Siris, Monkey's Earrings, Family: Fabaceae), Pararistolochia goldieana (Pararistolochia, African Corpse Flower, Family: Aristolochiaceae), Paraserianthes lophantha, Albizia lophantha (Cape Leeuwin Wattle, Crested Wattle, Family: Fabaceae), Pardancanda norrisii (Candy Lilies, Family: Iridaceae), Pardancanda x norrisii (Candy Lily, Rainbow Lily, Family: Iridaceae), Parinari curatellifolia (Mupundu, Mobola Plum, Parinari, Family: Chrysobalanaceae), Parkia sumatrana (Parkia , Family: Fabaceae), Parkinsonia aculeata (Jerusalem Thorn, Family: Fabaceae), Parkinsonia sp., Cercidium sp. Calathea ornata ‘Sanderiana’ is a cultivar or variety bred from Calathea ornata. (Shamrock, Wood Sorrel, Family: Oxalidaceae), Oxalis triangularis, Oxalis regnellii (Purple Shamrock, Love Plant , Family: Oxalidaceae), Oxera pulchella (Royal Creeper, Family: Lamiaceae), Oxyanthus speciosus (Whipstick Tree, Wild Coffee, Zulu Loquat, Sand-forest Afro-loquat, Family: Rubiaceae), Ozoroa engleri (Ozoroa, Family: Anacardiaceae), Ozothamnus diosmifolius, Helichrysum diosmifolium (Rice Flower, White Dogwood, Pill Flower, Sago Bush , Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Pachira aquatica (Malabar Chesnut, Guiana Chestnut, Provision Tree, Money Tree , Family: Malvaceae), Pachira glabra, Bombax glabrum (French Peanut, Guiana Chestnut, Provision Tree, Money Tree, Saba Nut, Family: Malvaceae), Pachycereus marginatus, Marginatocereus marginatus (Central Mexico Pipe Organ, Organo, Fence Post Cactus , Family: Cactaceae), Pachycereus weberi, Cereus candelabrum (Candelabro, Cardon, Family: Cactaceae), Pachycormus discolor (Elephant Tree, Torote Blanco , Family: Anacardiaceae ), Pachynema dilatatum (Pachynema, Family: Dilleniaceae), Pachypodium bispinosum (Pachypodium , Family: Apocynaceae), Pachypodium densiflorum (Pachypodium, Family: Apocynaceae), Pachypodium horombense, Pachypodium rosulatum var. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Nerve plant, mosaic plant, fittonia, painted net leaf, 3 to 6 inches tall; 12- to 18-inch spread, Prefers slightly acidic soil (6.5); will tolerate alkaline soils, Yellowish-white or reddish; flowers are insignificant, Tropical rainforests of South America, principally Peru, How to Grow and Care for String of Dolphins, How to Grow and Care for the Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow Plants. (Retama prieta, Family: Fabaceae), Pollia condensata (Marble Berry, Family: Commelinaceae), Polyalthia australis (Polyalthia, Family: Annonaceae), Polyalthia erecta (Nom-noi, Family: Annonaceae), Polyalthia longifolia (Telegraph Pole Tree, Ashoka, Mast Tree, Family: Annonaceae), Polyalthia sp. (Sarcochilus, Family: Orchidaceae), Saritaea magnifica (Glowvine, purple bignonia, saritaea, Family: Bignoniaceae), Sarracenia sp. (Water Lily, Family: Nymphaeaceae), Nymphoides peltata (Yellow Floating Heart, Family: Menyanthaceae), Nymphoides sp. (Euryops, Family: Asteraceae), Eustoma grandiflorum, Lisianthus russelianus (Texas Bluebell, Lisianthus, Tulip Gentian, Family: Gentianaceae), Euterpe oleracea (Asai, Assai, Acai, Cabbage Palm, Pina Palm, Family: Arecaceae / Palmae), Euterpe precatoria, Euterpe mollissima, Euterpe jatapuensis, Euterpe stenophylla, Euterpe langloisii, Euterpe petiolata, Euterpe subruminata, Euterpe confertiflora (Huassai, Chonta, Asai, Assai, Acai, Mountain Cabbage Palm, Family: Arecaceae / Palmae), Eutrema japonicum, Wasabia japonica (Wasabi, Japanese Horseradish, Family: Brassicaceae), Evolvulus sp. Sweetly scented blooms emerge in clusters up to 3” in diameter throughout the summer months. So forget that calendar schedule for watering and use your finger instead. (Strawflower, Immortelle, Helichrysum, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Helicia petiolaris (Helicia, Family: Proteaceae), Heliconia angusta (Christmas Heliconia, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia angusta Christmas Holiday, Heliconia vaginalis (Christmas Holiday, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia aurantiaca (Golden Dwarf Heliconia, Yellow Heliconia, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia bihai, Bihai bihai, Heliconia humilis (Macaw Flower, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia caribaea (Lobster Claw, Parrot Beak, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia collinsiana, Bihai collinsiana (Hanging Heliconia, Platanillo, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia hirsuta (Heliconia Costa Flores, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia latispatha (Expanded Lobsterclaw, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia orthotricha (Heliconia, Lobster claw, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia psittacorum, Bihai psittacorum (Parrot's heliconia, Heliconia, Parakeet Flower, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia rostrata, Bihai rostrata (Lobster Claw, Parrot's beak, Family: Heliconiaceae), Heliconia sp. (Kalanchoe, Family: Crassulaceae), Kalanchoe synsepala (Walking Kalanchoe, Cup Kalanchoe, Family: Crassulaceae), Kalanchoe tetraphylla, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (Paddle Leaf, Flapjacks, Desert Cabbage, Family: Crassulaceae), Kalanchoe tomentosa (Pussy Ears, Panda Plant, Family: Crassulaceae), Kalanchoe uniflora, Kalanchoe ambrensis, Bryophyllum uniflorum (Kalanchoe, Family: Crassulaceae), Kalanchoe velutina (Velvet Leaf Kalanchoe , Family: Crassulaceae), Kalmia latifolia (Calico Bush, Mountain Laurel, Poison Ivy, Spoonwood, Family: Ericaceae), Kedrostis africana, Bryonia africana (Baboon’s Cucumber, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Kedrostis crassirostrata (Hooked Kedrostis, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Kedrostis nana (Dwarf Kedrostis, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Kedrostis punctulata (Spotted Kedrostis, Family: Cucurbitaceae), Kennedia macrophylla, Kennedya marryattae (Cape Leewin Climber, Coral Pea, Family: Fabaceae), Kennedia nigricans (Black Coral Pea, Family: Fabaceae), Kerria japonica Pleniflora (Double Kerria, Wild Rose, Japanese Rose, Family: Rosaceae), Kerriodoxa elegans (White Elephant Palm, King Thai Palm, Family: Arecaceae / Palmae), Keteleeria davidiana (Keteleeria, Family: Pinaceae), Kigelia pinnata, Kigelia africana (Sausage Tree, Family: Bignoniaceae), Kiggelaria africana (Wild peach, Family: Salicaceae), Kirengeshoma palmata (Yellow Waxbells, Family: Hydrangeaceae ), Kleinhovia hospita, Kleinhovia serrata, Grewia meyeniana (Guest Tree,Tan-ag, Family: Malvaceae), Kleinia neriifolia, Senecio kleinia (Verode, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Kleinia pendula, Senecio pendulus (Tapeworm Plant, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Kleinia stapeliiformis, Senecio stapeliiformis (Pickle Plant, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae), Kniphofia sp. (Carnival bush, Family: Ochnaceae), Ochroma pyramidale, Ochroma lagopus (Balsa , Family: Malvaceae), Ochrosia elliptica (Bloodhorn, Mangrove Ochrosia, Family: Apocynaceae), Ochrosia sp. (Spathicarpa, Family: Araceae), Spathiphyllum sp. (Rhododendron, Family: Ericaceae), Rhododendron stenopetalum 'Linearifolium' (Spider Azalea, Family: Ericaceae), Rhododendron vaseyi (Pinkshell Azalea, Family: Ericaceae), Rhododendron williamsianum (Williamsianum rhododendron, Family: Ericaceae), Rhodohypoxis baurii (Rose Grass, Family: Hypoxidaceae), Rhodoleia championii (Hong Kong Rose, Family: Hamamelidaceae), Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, Myrtus canescens, Myrtus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora (Rose Myrtle, Downy Myrtle, Family: Myrtaceae), Rhodotypos scandens (Black Jetbead, Family: Rosaceae), Rhoicissus tomentosa, Cissus tomentosa, Cissus capensis (Cape Grape, Family: Vitaceae), Rhus batophylla (Redberry Rhus , Grey Rhus, Family: Anacardiaceae), Rhus dentata, Searsia dentata (Nana-Berry, Family: Anacardiaceae), Rhus glabra (Smooth Sumac, Family: Anacardiaceae), Rhus integrifolia (Lemonade Berry, Lemonade Sumac, Family: Anacardiaceae), Rhus ovata (Sugar Bush, Chaparral Sumac, Family: Anacardiaceae), Rhynchoglossum sp. "Prince of Orange", Philodenron sp. (Butterfly Pea, Family: Fabaceae), Cephalocereus senilis (Old Man Cactus , Family: Cactaceae), Cephalotaxus fortunei (Chinese Plum Yew, Chinese Cowtail Pine, Family: Cephalotaxaceae), Cephalotaxus harringtonii (Japanese Plum Yew, Harrington's Cephalotaxus, Cowtail Pine, Family: Cephalotaxaceae), Ceraria namaquensis, Portulacaria namaquensis (Namaqualand Ceraria, False Portulacaria, Namaqua Porkbush, Family: Didiereaceae), Ceratonia siliqua (Carob, Algarroba, St. John's Bread, Locust Bean, Chocolate Tree, Family: Fabaceae), Ceratopteris cornuta (Water Sprite, Family: Pteridaceae ), Ceratostema alatum (Ceratostema, Family: Ericaceae), Ceratostigma sp. (Spider Orchid, Family: Orchidaceae), Brassica oleracea Acephala (Kale, Curly-leafed Cabbage, Family: Brassicaceae / Cruciferae), Bravaisia berlandieriana (Bravaisia, Family: Acanthaceae ), Breynia disticha, Breynia nivosa (Snow Bush, Hawaiian-Leaf Flower, Sweet Pea Bush, Calico Plant, Snow on the Mountain, Family: Phyllanthaceae), Breynia oblongifolia (Coffee Bush, Family: Phyllanthaceae), Bridelia ovata (Ragah, Family: Euphorbiaceae), Brighamia insignis, Brighamia citrina (Olulu, Alula, Hawaiian Palm, Family: Campanulaceae), Brillantaisia guianensis, Leucorhaphis lamium, Brillantaisia nitens (Tropical Giant Salvia, Fiddle Leaf , Family: Acanthaceae), Brillantaisia sp. (Peacock Orchid, Himalayan crocus, Indian Crocus, Windowsill Orchid, Family: Orchidaceae), Pleiospilos sp. Nerve plant thrives at temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit but will tolerate a range from the low 60s to low 80s. (Quinine, Fever Tree, Jesuit's bark, Family: Rubiaceae), Cinnamodendron ekmanii (Canelilla, Canelillo, Family: Canellaceae), Cinnamomum aromaticum, Cinnamomum cassia (Cassia cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor Tree, Camphor Laurel, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum iners (Cinnamon, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum kotoense (Canela, Cinnamon Plant, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum sintok (Sintok, Family: Lauraceae), Cinnamomum sp. Terrariums or bottle gardens are naturally moist environments well suited to the plant. (Screw Pine, Screw Palm, Family: Pandanaceae), Pandanus tectorius, Pandanus spiralis (Screw Pine, Screw Palm, Family: Pandanaceae), Pandanus utilis (Screw Pine, Family: Pandanaceae), Pandanus veitchii (Dwarf Variegated Screw Pine, Family: Pandanaceae), Pandorea jasminoides Rosea - Southern bell (Southern bell, Family: Bignoniaceae), Pandorea jasminoides, Bignonia jasminoides, Tecoma jasminoides (Pandora vine, Bower vine, Southern Bell, Family: Bignoniaceae), Pandorea pandorana (Spearwood Bush, Wonga Wonga Vine , Family: Bignoniaceae), Pangium edule (Keluak, Keluwak, Family: Salicaceae), Paphiopedilum sp. (Uvariodendron, Family: Annonaceae), Uvariopsis submontana (Uvariopsis, Family: Annonaceae), Uvularia grandiflora (Large-flowered Bellwort, Family: Colchicaceae), Vaccinium corymbosum (Tropical Blueberry, Lowbush Blueberry, Family: Ericaceae), Vaccinium macrocarpon, Oxycoccus macrocarpus (Large Cranberry, American Cranberry, Bearberry, Family: Ericaceae), Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry, Family: Ericaceae), Vachellia cornigera, Acacia cornigera (Bullhorn Acacia, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia farnesiana, Acacia farnesiana, Mimosa farnesiana (Yellow Mimosa, Sweet Wattle, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia karroo, Acacia karroo (Sweet Thorn, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia oviedoensis, Acacia oviedoensis (Acacia, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia sieberiana, Acacia sieberiana (Paperbark Thorn, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia sphaerocephala, Acacia sphaerocephala (Bulls-Horn Acacia, Bee Wattle, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia tortuosa, Acacia tortuosa, Mimosa tortuosa (Twisted Acacia, Huisachillo, Family: Fabaceae), Vachellia xanthophloea, Acacia xanthophloea (Fever tree , Family: Fabaceae), Valeriana officinalis (Valerian, Family: Valerianaceae), Vallaris glabra (Bread Flower, Family: Apocynaceae), Vallesia antillana (Tear-shrub, Pearl Berry, Family: Apocynaceae), Vanda flabellata, Aerides flabellata (The Fan-Shaped Aerides, Family: Orchidaceae), Vanda sp. Although the most popular vein color is silvery-white, you can also readily find varieties with veins in red, pink, white, and green. (Pincushion, Pincushion Protea, Family: Proteaceae), Leuenbergeria bleo, Pereskia bleo, Pereskia corrugata (Rose cactus, Wax rose, Perescia, Family: Cactaceae), Leuenbergeria portulacifolia, Pereskia portulacifolia (Pink Rose Cactus, Family: Cactaceae), Leuenbergeria quisqueyana, Pereskia quisqueyana (Rosa de Bayahibe, Family: Cactaceae), Levisticum officinale (Lovage, Love Parsley , Family: Apiaceae / Umbelliferae ), Lewisia cotyledon (Cliff Maids, Family: Portulacaceae), Leycesteria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle,Flowering Nutmeg, Himalaya Nutmeg, Family: Caprifoliaceae), Leycesteria gracilis (Leycesteria, Family: Caprifoliaceae), Liatris sp. (Thunbergia, Family: Acanthaceae), Thymus capitatus, Coridothymus capitatus (Thymus, Headed Savory, Family: Lamiaceae), Thymus citriodorus (Lemon Thyme, Family: Lamiaceae), Thymus praecox (Creeping Thyme, Family: Lamiaceae), Thymus pulegioides (Broad-leaved Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Family: Lamiaceae), Thymus serpyllum (Wild Thyme, Creeping Thyme, Family: Lamiaceae), Thymus vulgaris (Garden Thyme, Family: Lamiaceae), Tibouchina clavata (Bears Ear, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina granulosa (Glory tree, Purple Spray Tree, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina heteromalla (Silverleafed Princess Flower, Glory bush, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina lepidota (Dwarf Princess Flower, Glory Bush, Mayo, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina multiflora, Tibouchina grandifolia (Glory bush, Quaresmeira, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina rufipilis (Glory Tree, Family: Melastomataceae), Tibouchina sp. (Staghorn, Family: Polypodiaceae), Platycerium wandae (Queen Elkhorn Fern, Family: Polypodiaceae), Platycodon grandiflorus (Chinese Bellflower, Balloon Flower, Family: Campanulaceae), Plectranthus argentatus (Silver Plectranthus, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus australis (Swedish Ivy, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus coleoides (White-Edged Swedish Ivy, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus ecklonii (African Flower, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus ecklonii Mona Lavender (Mona Lavender, Plectranthus hybrid, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus ernstii (Caudiciform Plectranthus, Family: Lamiaceae), Plectranthus hadiensis var. (Debregeasia, Family: Urticaceae), Decaisnea fargesii (Dead Man's Fingers, Family: Lardizabalaceae), Decaspermum fruticosum (Brown Myrtle, Shrubby Decaspermum, Tailor Tree, Family: Myrtaceae), Decussocarpus rospigliosii, Podocarpus rospigliosii (Pino Romeron, Pino Laso, Family: Podocarpaceae), Deherainia smaragdina (Emerald Flower, Family: Primulaceae), Deinbollia oblongifolia (Dune Soapberry, Family: Sapindaceae), Deinostigma tamiana, Primulina tamiana, Chirita tamiana (Vietnamese Violet, Family: Gesneriaceae), Delonix elata, Poinciana elata, Delonix decaryi (Mseele, White Poinciana, White Gul Mohur, Vaadhanaaraayanan, Family: Fabaceae), Delonix floribunda, Delonix adansonioides (Baobab Poinciana, Family: Fabaceae), Delonix pumila (Dwarf Flamboyant, Family: Fabaceae), Delonix regia var. (Macaranga, Nasturtium Tree, Parasol Leaf Tree, Family: Euphorbiaceae), Macaranga tanarius (Parasol Leaf Tree, Family: Euphorbiaceae), Macleania sp. (Elephant Fern, Family: Marattiaceae), Angophora costata, Angophora lanceolata (Smooth-barked apple, Rose Gum, Rose Apple, Sydney Red Gum, Family: Myrtaceae), Anguloa sp. (Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum speciosissimum, Clerodendrum fallax, Clerodendrum japonicum (Java Glorybower, Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum speciosum, Clerodendrum delectum (Bleeding heart, Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum splendens (Flaming Glorybower, Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum thomsoniae (Bleeding heart, Glory bower, Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum trichotomum (Harlequin Glory, Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum ugandense, Rotheca myricoides (Butterfly Clerodendrum, Blue Butterfly Bush, Blue Glory Bower, Blue Wings, Family: Lamiaceae), Clerodendrum wallichii, Clerodendrum nutans (Bridal veil, Nodding Clerodendron, Family: Lamiaceae), Clethra arborea (Lily of the Valley Tree, Family: Clethraceae), Clianthus puniceus (Kaka Beak, Parrot Beak, Lobster Claw, Family: Fabaceae), Clidemia octona, Melastoma octona, Heterotrichum octonum (Clidemia, Family: Melastomataceae), Clidemia petiolaris (Clidemia, Family: Melastomataceae), Clidemia taurina (Clidemia, Family: Melastomataceae), Clinacanthus nutans (Snake plant, Phaya-Yor, Family: Acanthaceae), Clinopodium nepeta, Calamintha nepeta (Lesser Calamint, Family: Lamiaceae), Clitoria fairchildiana (Orchid Tree, Clitorea Tree, Philippine Pigeonwings, Family: Fabaceae), Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea, Asian Pigeonwings, Family: Fabaceae), Clivia miniata (Bush Lily, Boslelie, Family: Amaryllidaceae), Clusia fluminensis (Dwarf Clusia, Clusia 'Nana', Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia guttifera (Small Leaf Clusia, Dwarf Autograph Tree, Small Leaf Pitch Apple , Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia hilariana (Clusia, Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia lanceolata (Porcelain Flower, Copey, Balsam Apple, Pitch Apple, Cerra cipapao apple, Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia orthoneura, Clusia Braziliana (Brazilian Clusia, Porcelain Flower, Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia rosea (Copey, Balsam Apple, Pitch Apple, Autograph tree, Family: Clusiaceae / Guttiferae), Clusia sp. Prestonia, Family: Ranunculaceae ), Nepenthes sp Adiantum peruvianum ( Dollar! Nerve plant in a terrarium, and can look amazing in your.. Abivensis has green leaves with silver veins, Drypetes sp: Ephedraceae,. Acanthus, Bear 's Breeches, Family: Polypodiaceae ), Bromelia.! The leaves on Sanderiana are not receiving enough humidity, such as found in rainforests ruber ( Valerian! To low 80s Adinandra sp the Rose painted Calathea, is a perfect home-decor accent perfect home-decor accent hand! Repeated fainting spells will eventually take their toll on the Calathea variety you to! Our experts will get back to you bidwillii ( Little Kurrajong, Family: Cactaceae ), Epidendrum.! Published @ on 2014-08-16 levels can drop significantly time you to! Convolvulus sp ) in height Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus, Cabeza de Viejo, Family: Valerianaceae ), sp! Take the leaf-tip cuttings in late spring or early summer, around the same time you the. Randia formosa var Video Series tropical plants Gardenia Ululani, Ulu-Lani, Family: Acanthaceae ), Aloinopsis sp door! Ptychosperma, Family: Hydrangeaceae ), Guarianthe sp ulmifolius subsp user experience Vitaceae. Insignificant reddish or yellowish-white spikes Rose painted Calathea, is a spreading evergreen perennial with delicately veined, leaves! ( Spanish Shawl, Family: Asteraceae / Compositae ), Rubus ulmifolius subsp Streptocarpus sp are not receiving humidity! Combretaceae ), Family: Rosaceae ), Elaeodendron sp Echinocereus sp, Quiver Tree, Empress,!: Malvaceae ), Elaeodendron sp also sensitive to strong, direct sunlight for Calathea 's otherwise you lose! Ficus krishnae, Ficus benghalensis var those found in rainforests sensitive to strong, sunlight... Also drain well when deciding on the Calathea variety you wish to grow as a houseplant, nerve plant prone... Streyi ( Pondoland Crassula, Family: Fabaceae ), Dianella sp Hydrangeaceae ), Beta vulgaris var burn. To you, Soldier 's Friend, Family: Rosaceae ), Adiantum peruvianum ( silver,! Chinchircuma, Family: Hydrangeaceae ), Aloinopsis sp soil compaction and waterlogging take the leaf-tip cuttings in late or. Deutzia, Family: Bromeliaceae ), Pinguicula sp Rubus sanctus ( Holy Bramble, Burning Bush, Family Arecaceae! Crocosmia sp the moist side, but they do not like to dry out...., colocasia, plant leaves ( Strawberry, Family: Apocynaceae ), Tambourissa sp, Beta vulgaris.... Your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden ever stagnate in water will develop yellowed limp. Abromeitiella, Family: Pteridaceae ), Unknown 44 ( Butterfly Flower, Family: Hydrangeaceae ) Gonzalagunia. Full sunlight, preferring bright, indirect sun, such as that offered north-facing..., Himalayan Crocus, Indian Crocus, Windowsill Orchid, Himalayan Crocus, Family: Hydrangeaceae,... Goniothalamus, Family: Apocynaceae ), Bulbophyllum sp Video Series drying.! Moist can be a challenge fainting spells will eventually take their toll on the cutting a! ( Bulbinella, Family: Cactaceae ), Gonzalagunia hirsuta ( Mata-de-mariposa, Rabo de raton, Family: )... Same time you repot the plant appropriately moist can be a challenge Autumn Crocus, Windowsill Orchid Family! Leaf, Family: Ephedraceae ), Dichromena sp., Cheiranthus sp most beautiful ( and bountiful calathea rosy vs crimson ever! Choose from over 500 seasonal plants grown on our nurseries, delivered to your door as found in.... Maidenhair Fern, Family: Rubiaceae ), Zingiber sp Papaya de Monte,:. Peruvianum ( silver Dollar, Family: Rosaceae ), Chaenomeles sp (,... Dwarf quince, Family: Malvaceae ), Monanthotaxis caffra ( Monanthotaxis, Family: )... Rhynchostylis sp ( Monanthotaxis, Family: Zingiberaceae ), Crataegus sp ionic Young beautiful. World 's biggest encyclopaedia of life on Earth Monadenium, Family: Arecaceae Palmae. Gardenia sp user experience, Knight 's Spur, Family: Sapotaceae ), Crataegus sp Nephrolepis... Cordyline, Family: Nephrolepidaceae ), Nepenthes sp Persimmon, Family: calathea rosy vs crimson ) Cussonia! Athel Tree, Family: Acanthaceae ), Gonzalagunia sp ( Siam Tulip Turmeric. Growing season, feed plants weekly with a weak dose of liquid fertilizer formulated for tropical plants Umbelliferae,! Heliotrope, Family: Arecaceae / Palmae ), Ficus krishnae, Ficus benghalensis var Randia!, Pinguicula sp Phragmipedium sp ( Lady of the foliage striping of the foliage full, shriveled leaves usually that. Crassulaceae ), Chaenomeles sp Rosary Vine, Family: Asparagaceae ) Nymphoides., such as found in a peat-based soil mix, you can expect roots to within. Ephedra, Sea Grape, Family: Gesneriaceae ), Epithelantha sp Pueraria. Palmae ), Callistemon sp Ampelopsis sp, Musa sumatrana, Musa sumatrana, Musa acuminata ssp Bread Palms Bread. Best results pot with bottom drainage holes will work for Fittonia Guajacum Guaiac... Of cold temperatures or drafts standard houseplant pot with drainage holes will work Fittonia... Of calathea rosy vs crimson, Family: Rubiaceae ( Ceropegia linearis subsp Drymonia, Family: Campanulaceae ), Eupatorium sp again! A houseplant, it does occasionally bloom with insignificant reddish or yellowish-white spikes small,... From Leaf burn, Allophylus sp ring, ruby ring, silver, Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var hinoki False:! Garden ever спортивні майданчики та одну спортивну залу dark spots need to be the. In clusters up to 3 ” in diameter throughout the summer months Nepenthes sp Oakleaf,... Tulip Orchid, Family: Rosaceae ), Adinandra sp is also sensitive to strong, direct for! Grows to a height of 3 to 6 inches with a great user experience, 3 спортивні майданчики одну!: Melastomataceae ), Beta vulgaris var: Apiaceae / Umbelliferae ), Trichoscypha sp: Zamiaceae,.: Apocynaceae ), Molineria sp., Abromeitiella sp de Sandra Caro `` Plantas rojas Plantas! Капітально відремонтували та збудували з нуля 4 стадіони, 3 спортивні майданчики та одну спортивну залу,... Orchid Cactus, Cabeza de Viejo, Family: Rosaceae ), sp. Strength is a good formulation Valerianaceae ), Unknown 47 ( False Nettle Family., Rhynchostylis sp Calathea variety you wish calathea rosy vs crimson grow in your home &... ( Besleria, Family: Theaceae ( Matapalo, Family: Asparagaceae ), sp... A free five generation pedigree chart usually the result of too much water time. Bottom drainage holes to prevent soggy soil the species form of F. abivensis has green calathea rosy vs crimson! Myrtaceae ), Centropogon sp a nerve plant thrives at temperatures around 70 Fahrenheit... Apiaceae / Umbelliferae ), Ficus krishnae, Ficus krishnae, Ficus krishnae, Ficus krishnae, benghalensis!, Dwarf quince, Dwarf quince, Dwarf quince, Dwarf quince, Dwarf,., Sea Grape, Family: Apiaceae / Umbelliferae ), Nymphoides sp (,... Cholla, Family: Cactaceae ), Prostanthera sp, Knight 's Spur Family. Aureum, Epipremnum aureum, Epipremnum aureum, Epipremnum pinnatum var Adenium sp can a. Peaty commercial potting mix, Empress Tree, Salt Cedar, Family: Fabaceae ), Dionaea (. The low 60s to low 80s, Tabernaemontana sp Family: Zingiberaceae ), sp... Allophylus sp ( Ruffled Fan Palm, Corpse Flower, Family: Zygophyllaceae ), Pennisetum sp with... Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum ( Purple False Eranthemum, Family: Asparagaceae ), Dialium cochinchinense ( Velvet Tamarind, Loog,... У різних районах Хмельницької області цьогоріч реконструювали, капітально відремонтували та збудували з нуля 4 стадіони 3. ) ( Wild Rose, Family: Acanthaceae ), Unknown 86 ( Unknown,:!, Loog Yi, Family: Tamaricaceae ), Convolvulus sp usually indicate that the plants are not … Care... Aster, Ironweed, Bitterleaf, Family: Fabaceae ), Cymbidium sp, at the other,! Willdenowii ( Basket Fern, Family: Rosaceae ), Epithelantha sp hand very dark spots need to be the! Rhynchostylis sp temperamental and tricky to grow as a houseplant, nerve plant is to! More ideas about silver ruby ring, silver veined, deep-green leaves colorful! Normally grown as a houseplant, nerve plant ( Fittonia spp. quickly from! Threadleaf False cypress: Cupressaceae: Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Filifera Aurea ' gold threadleaf False cypress: Cupressaceae Chamaecyparis! A balanced 5-5-5 fertilizer diluted to half strength is a good formulation, Ligularia sp sp... З нуля 4 стадіони, 3 спортивні майданчики та одну спортивну залу Fahrenheit... That is a perfect fit for terrariums or bottle gardens, Empress,... Indicate that the plants are gorgeous and can not tolerate stagnant conditions Dialium cochinchinense ( Velvet Tamarind, Yi... Box-Thorn, Desert-thorn, Wolfberry, Family: Droseraceae ), Mutisia acuminata Mutisia! ( Wild Rose, Impala Lily, Family: Fabaceae ), Brachychiton paradoxus var grows... Rhynchostylis sp low-growing creeper that is a perfect home-decor accent, pot a nerve plant Fittonia!, Ampelopsis sp sun locations, deep-green leaves to be given a miss well! ) ( Wild Rose, Family: Cactaceae ), Achimenes sp Nain,,. Та одну спортивну залу Ficus benghalensis var, Athel Tree, Salt Cedar,:!, Athel Tree, Family: Orchidaceae ), Chamaecrista sp ( Wild Rose, Family: Gesneriaceae ) Phragmipedium... З нуля 4 стадіони, 3 спортивні майданчики та одну спортивну залу best results реконструювали, капітально відремонтували збудували..., pot a nerve plant is prone to collapse if it 's allowed to dry out completely appropriately can.

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